AcoustaCORK Results



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6mm AcoustiCORK on 240mm concrete slabresults-1
Result Analysis: The concrete slab has a fixed rating of 27 dB. With the addition of 6mm AcoustiCORK the concrete slab improves the overall IIC rating to 50 and the STC rating to 51.
results-26mm AcoustiCORK on 6" concrete slab with suspended ceiling and floor covering of choice.
Adding floor covering may slightly alter the ratings depending on floor type. Adding a suspended ceiling unit will increase the ratings significantly, generally by an average of 14 dB depending on unit type.
Based on the Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) ‘Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating’, AcoustiCORK rates as 5 star product!
Cautionary Note: Whilst all care has been taken to ensure that the following is correct and accurate. The following test results can vary slightly depending on many variables such as the building design, flooring materials, finished floor thickness and density, methods of construction used, room layout, methods of construction used and ceiling system used. In order to obtain accurate results for a specific location further tests should be undertaken. As shown Above the use of AcoustaCORK for acoustical sound control by itself and particularly in conjunction with common flooring methods and ceiling types, clearly surpassed required IIC and STC ratings. This is offered only as a guideline to assist in the selection of materials.   Each specific application should be evaluated.  The final decision of the choice of materials lies with the buyer.