AcoustaCORK Testing



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Below are the testing results for the AcoustiCORK 6mm. Both tests are conducted in a simulated environment, the following diagrams are used to indicate how these apply to an everyday environment.
Testing Standards 
1. Impact Sound Transmission or Impact Insulation Class (IIC) testing of AcoustiCORK was conducted in conformance with ASTM E 492-90 and ASTM E 989-89, new-diagram-1measuring impact sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies (ISO R-140).
This first test is conducted to determine the impact or sound transmission that would occur between floors. This tests actions such as walking, or an items being dropped. The test is carried out by tapping on the above floor to create a constant sound. A microphone connected to a sound reading device is then placed in the room below, this then records the noise level that is transferred between the floors. Click diagram to the right to enlarge.
new-diagram-22. Sound Transmission Control (STC) testing of AcoustiCORK was conducted in conformance with ASTM E 90-97, measuring airborne sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies.
The second test is carried out to determine the level of sound is transferred between the floors, e.g. people talking, TV, sterio/music. This is done by placing speakers in the room as a sound source and a microphone to record the level of the noise in the test room. A second microphone is then placed in the room below to record the transferred sound between floors. The difference between the readings of both microphones is then calculated to ascertain the lost sound transmission readings.