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polivacPolivac has a range of the most versatile Polishers and Cleaners on todays market. Their range contains the popular SV25 and SV30 Floorsanders. All products by Polivac are long lasting and easy to use.   
SV25 Low Speed & SV30 High Speed Sanding Machines: 
Finishing floors is a painstaking business, but for sheer ease of use the Sandivac Rotary Suction Sander makes sanding light-work. For professional finishing, it compares favourably to more expensive imported machines, but at a fraction of the cost. Made right here in Australia, it's driven by Polivac's proven gearbox design with its powerful offset motor. As a dedicated sanding machine, we consider it pretty much bullet proof. There's no belts that can break, the unique sealed bypass vacuum design ensures dust won't be sucked into the motor. Quality parts, long life, and ease of service come standard with every machine, guaranteeing you years of smooth even finishes and hassle free performance. And for those that need it, with a simple change of pads, it can be used for scrubbing and stripping applications too. Factory fitted with an Instalok Pad Holder, pad, sanding screen. So if your game is sanding floors for a living, maybe it's time to you took the Sandivac for a test run yourself. We're sure you'll agree that it's unbeatable value for money!
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cantebury4 Disc Sander - Canterburycantebury_sander2
The latest in technology brings you the well known Canterbury Sander/Polisher with a fully engineered 4 wheel gear driven sander head. This provides you a strong sanding machine that gives you the perfect finish prior to coating. Works like a treat on floors such as parquetry that require cross sanding too! What's more is that the 4 head attachment cant be removed and the normal pad holder can be attached giving you a very versatile machine. One in store available to trial!
Canterbury Sander/ Polisher
Since 1938 Canterbury have been leading the way with floorsanding/polishing machinery. Wcantebury_machine-new_0ith their superior design and robust build, the Canterbury will stand the test of time and give you many years of sanding with ease.

Features of the Canterbury floor polisher include:

  • 350RPM with a 2.5 HP motor
  • Exclusive double reduction helical gearing
  • High performance vacuum - Clear lid Bypass motor
  • Adjustable handle with ergonomic grips
  • Fibreglass vacuum skirt fits inside base casting
  • Centrally mounted motor for optimum balance and performance
  • Non marking wheels
  • Weight 49 kg


super_sander_logoThe Super Sander is a revolutionary diamond grinding base plate for the grinding and making very adjustments to concrete. The Super Sander contains 4 individually rotating diamond heads and attaches easily to conventional sanders like a Polivac. There is no additional strain on your machine as each head spins freely and smoothly. The Super Sander allows you to prepare the slab for installation quicker and cheaper and also give you a much cleaner surface to adhere to or moisture seal. 
Super Sander is great for:   Cleaning Paint,  Grinding Concrete,  Making fines adjustments to the levels of concrete,   Removing Strong Adhesives and grout and saving time + money!
floormax-floor-sander-and-accessories-logoConvert your Polivac sander with one of our Orbital sander floormax4-orbital-sanderattachments. Designed and manufactured by Floormax, this is a one of a kind piece of equipment that saves you time and provides the most exceptional quality in terms of surface smoothness. It is an inexpensive piece of equipment that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it!
The 4 disc Orbital sander attachment for Polivac machines also comes with interchangeable pads available in both hard and soft dampening strengths. This is to ensure you can easily move increase or decrease sanding strength.
diamabrush1Diamabrush have been making concrete cleaning tools for many years diamabrush_hardwood_toolnow, to make the cleaning up of concrete sub-floors before timber installation a far easier job. This accessory simply attaches to your Polivac Machine and will provide you with a no clogging or sticking solution for quick clean up of concrete surface. Remove old adhesives, coatings and paint with ease! Blades can be replaced to continue to get the best out of the base plate! Click here to view a video on the Diamabrush!


Sanding Machines

Belt Sanders  
laglerA legend in the floor sanding business, the Lägler "Hummel" was the first floor sanding machine in the world with an endless belt developed by Lägler in the late 1960´s. Proven technology and indisputably the number one system for finishing wooden floors. Along with its proverbial economy, achieved via an
optimal performance and quickly changeable sanding belt (in just a few  seconds), this hummel_2_0machine stands out from the competition because of its superb end results and safe, robust construction. The "Hummel" has been designed with the latest medical studies in mind and combines the best possible vacuum cleaning performance with an ergonomic machine requiring a minimum effort to operate. The aggressiveness of the sanding drum is controlled by means of a special profile on the thick rubber coating. The belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance is situated vertically over the sanding drum. The 3-stage drum pressure-regulator is perfectly harmonized with the drum speed, so that even when working fast there is no danger of damaging softwood flooring (e.g. inlayed parquetry) and even the most critical areas can be finished perfectly. For problem-free transportation, the motor and guide tube can also be easily removed. 
These are available in 8 inch and 12 inch (Super Hummel) 
galaxy_logoThe introduction of the Galaxy 8 inch Super 2000 shook up the floor sanding industry over a decade ago. The 8 inch sander is a combination belt and drum sander in the one machine! This provides you with a cost effective machine and the option of using either the drum sander for heavy and rough sanding and the belt for fine sanding and superior finishing. No changes required to switch from belt to drum or galaxy_eagle8back to belt. Features include a powerful 7.5hp motor (compared to industry average of 4.5hp), adjustable handle height, externally adjustable belt tension and built in dust extraction. The machine is only for serious floor sanders who want the best available machine in the industry.  Over 30 years ago, Jim Tasikas began repairing motors in sanding machines.
It didn't take Jim long to notice recurring repairs and weakness in the designs. As a result of this knowledge and experience Galaxy was born. Galaxy is still a family owned business and to this day over 90% of the components are still produced in house. This ensures precision and guaranteed quality in all of their machines. The Super 2000 can be split in two for easy transport and also comes with easy to use lifting handles. Drum pressure and tension can be easily changes to maintain that perfect finish on the floor. 

Frank Sanding Machines


frank_cobra_sanderThe Frank Cobra 2.5kw Belt Sander has a world wide reputation for a first class sanding machine.  This 8 inch belt sander boasts many features to assist all levels of floorsanders. 2.5kw of power (2,100rpm) and 88kg of machine weight ensure fast but accurate on all types of hardwood flooring. The machine has 4 x ajustable handle heights as well as ingenious 'cockpit operation' meaning that all the switches are locoated on the handle in an ergonomic position for easy reach. New generation belts ensure silent and smooth running as well as the latest in dust extraction systems to assist in a clean working environment. As you can see the machine also has a built in light, bumpers on both sides as well as the ability to split the machine up for solo and safe transportation.



frank_pullman_gecko_star_edgerThe Frank/Pullman Gecko Star Edger is a lightweight but powerful 178mm edger sander that enables for easy and precise sanding. With the built in lights and extended base the Gecko Star allows you to get in the trickiest of places. With a 230V, 50Hz, 1.8kw powered motor, your work will be cut out for you! The machine has a weight of 11kg and  adjustable wheels to suit your sanding style. Using the many years of experience that Frank sanding machines have in the industry you can be sure this machine will get the job done for you!
super_7The Clark Super 7 Edger is Designed for dependability and productivity. The Super 7 combines the ease of use and ruggedness necessary for the rental/hire industry and the power and productivity required for the professional floor sanding craftsman.
* Precision balanced sanding pad 
* Precision fitted integral universal motor components 
* Powerful vacuum fan for efficient dust control 
* Polished aluminum alloy housings 
* Powerful 1hp universal motor 
                                   * Carrying case included for convenience of storage and transport.
elanLagler Elan Edge Sanding Machine is a lightweight and powerful sanding machine designed for sanding edges, stairs and tricky area's. Weighing just 8kg the Elan is a great all around machine that also has an extended base plate available for those hard to reach area's. The Elan contains a thermal overload protection and runs at a huge 4000 Rpm's! The Lagler Elan has a base plate size of 150mm providing you a fast and efficient sanding area.
Lagler Trio (3 disc sanding/polishing machine) 
lagler_trio_0Lagler Trio provides a superior finish on timber floors using either a velcro sanding disc or mesh sanding disc. The TRIO the most versatile and efficient floorsanding machine on the market.
· Single-phase AC motor 230 V/1.8kW 
· No voltage release 
· Thermal overload protection 
· Motor speed 2800rpm 
· Fuse protection 16amp 
· Number of sanding disks/brushes 3 
· Sanding disk/brush diameter 200mm 
                                        · Sanding disk/brush speed appr. 600rpm
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Nailers and Staplers

airco_secret_nailerAirco Pneumatic Secret Floor Nailer is a powerful and easy to handle secret nailer. This gun can be adjusted for varying floor thicknesses and automatically drives nails at a 45 degree angle to ensure the best looking flooring with no visible nails. It is lightweight (only 4.6kg) and holds 120 staples at a time. Includes Mallet. 
50cPowernail 50c Manual Secret Nailer (overlay/12mm flooring) 
The 50c Powernailer, made in USA, is made specifically for the installation of overlay flooring (12-15mm). The 50c has a perfectly angled driver to fire secret nails at perfect depth without splitting the tongue and maximum hold. The serated style powernails provide a superior fixing of the floor. The gun features and extended handle for increased leverage and control. Includes mallet. 
50p-flex_1Powernail 50P FLEX Pneumatic Secret Nailer
The 50P Powernailer, made in USA, is the Rolls Royce of Pneumatic Secret Nailers. Now with the new FLEX adjustable base-plate, the 50P has been designed with superior strength and accuracy and can be used on both 19mm flooring and overlay (12mm) with a simple adjustment on the back of the gun. No longer do you have to play around with the gun, pack it out or change base plates. The 50P FLEX contains a fully adjustable base plate for precision angling of the gun with an instant change. With a range of Powernail nails    available, the 50P is an all around Gun that is used in many aspects of flooring. The 50P also has an extended handle which provides use from 450mm from the floor. Includes a mallet, allen key, gun oil and other tools. 
nail_punchAirco Nail Punch
The Airco Nail Punch is a pneumatic gun designed for 2 uses. The first use is as a De-nailer, or nail remover. The Nail punch is perfectly designed to remove nails from either old flooring or fencing for recycling. The second use is for the punching of nails prior to floor-sanding, saving a lot of time on site. You will never have to punch nails by hand again! The Nail punch can even be used for the fixing of smooth-edge. 
The full range of Airco Nail guns and fixings are available at Marques Flooring. For more information please visit or give us a call.
hn120PowerLite Concrete Nail Gun HN120  
New to the Australian market is the PowerLite HN120 High pressure gun and Compressor. This revolutionary technology has the ability to drive pins straight into concrete, removing the need for pre-drilling. The gun is even powerful enough to drive pins through 10mm of steel! Click below to read more about this amazing system! 
Click here to view a great deal on a second hand POWELITE package available!
fusion_bradderC1/ C / DA Fusion Bradder
Sick and tired of buying gas cylinders and spending money on maintenance on your Bradder? The Fusion Bradder Series is for you! This range of Bradders combines a recirculating Nitrogen Gas Cell and the power of a Lithium Battery to give you a trouble free system. This system guarantees 250,000 shots before any loss of pressure! Even then, it is still expected to lose only 3 - 5% of its pressure. This will save you lots of money as you don't have to keep buying new cartridges all the time. The only cost to you is the purchase, then it is just a matter of enjoying its convenience. This range includes a 2 year warranty that includes the driver blade and also a 1 year warranty on the battery so you definitely won't have any concerns! Bump Fire, Single Shot, Depth Gauge, Led Battery indicator are just some of it's other great benefits.


Vacuum Cleaners

Nilfisk GD5 Vacuum
The Nilfisk GD5 Vacuum is a backpack vacuum perfect for the floor-sanding industry. Because the Vacuum isn't in contact with the ground it helps to avoid marking the surface of the timber. The GD5 contains a huge 1300 watt motor ensuring maximum suction available to remove all dust from the timber whether it be Pre-coating or in between coats. The GD5 has even become a popular choice for day to day housework activities. The GD5 is also very lightweight ensuring less strain on the user!
koalaPolivac Koala Backpack Vacuum 
The Polivac Backpack Vacuum is perfect for the timber flooring industry, ensuring maximum suction and trouble free use. The 1100 watt motor is strong but quiet. The Koala has a large capacity dust bag and is lightweight, also containing comfortable shoulder straps. Other features include a scrunch proof hose, and a cord restraint to minimize frayed wires.   
 vacuum_cleaner_356246Fein Dustex Vacuum 25 and 40L
The Fein Dustex Vacuums are a high powered solution for wet and dry applications. The Dustex is available in a 25L (1300W) and a huge 40L (1500W) model. With a huge suction power of 55 and 60L per second the Dustex can be used for many applications. The Fein Dustex also fits straight onto your Multimaster giving you a dust free system. With minimum maintenance required on the machine and a automatic start stop function for the connection of other power tools the Fein Dustex is a must for all. Also includes a soft start function for building sites. These are available for separate purchase or SAVE and buy in a package with the NEW Multimaster. Click here for the full range of Fein products. 

Sausage Guns

sausage_gun_picHeavy Duty Battery Operated Sausage Gun
Perfect for the use of 600ml sausages, the battery operated gun is powerful and lightweight. The Gun comes with a handy carry case and 2 x rechargeable batteries. 1 Full battery does approximately 45 sausages ensuring quick and easy use. The flow of the adhesive can also be regulated for optimum use and control.  This type of gun is also available in a Pneumatic Version.



Fein MultiMaster 
The original version and inventors of the machine, dont buy cheap copies, buy the real deal!
A master in all area's, and the essential tool for all professional tradesmen and handymen,



roberts-long-neck-jam-sawJamb Saw - Long Neck
The Jamb Saw is perfectly designed for undercutting door jambs and skirting boards- an essential part of timber flooring installations. The Jamb Saw is high powered but very easy to use boasting the following great features:
* Adjustable cutting depth guide prevents cutting into plaster or wall board when trimming base boards
* Powerful 4.6 amp (8000 RPM) 1050 Watt industrial grade power unit has all ball and needle bearings
* Patented design enables saw to cut full inside corners in molding up to 12mm thick
* Spiral ground gears for smooth, quiet operation
* Precision height adjustment from "flush" to 26mm
* Includes custom molded carrying case and 2x Blades 


Laminate/ Timber Cutter

magshear-laminate-cutterBullet Magshear Laminate/ Timber Cutter
American made, this Bullet Magshear Laminate/ Timber cutter makes for easier cutting on the job site. The Bullet Magshear is a versatile, noise and dust free solution for the cutting of laminate and timber floors. Working on a job site that is difficult to access? a job site where you can't make much mess? or even a job site that has noise restrictions? Then the Bullet Magshear is the answer for you. This machine is light weight, dust and noise free and even comes with a built in laser for precision cuts. The system even has a built in templates for 45 degree cuts. The Bullet Magshear is a very heavy duty machine built to withstand the force of various thickness and density floors.
Click here to check out the demonstration video 



quikbrace-awardQuikBrace NB002 Pneumatic Floor Clamps represent the best in professional hardwood flooring clamp technology.
This simple-to-use, innovative flooring clamps tool can help a timber flooring professional work up to six times faster than other traditional timber floor installation methods, all the while doing controlled and accurate high-quality work and creating tight, secure joints every time!
QuikBRACE floor clamps were the winners of the ATFA 2016 Award for Excellence, Innovative Product of the Year and have seen floor clamps, arguably become the most significant industry breakthrough since the secret nailer.
With air-powered pneumatic action and the ability to brace five or more boards at a time, this product can help your flooring business complete any commercial or domestic job with ease.
Working as a professional timber flooring installer can be a tough, yet rewarding job - with QuikBRACE Floor Clamps, we take a little bit of the tough out of it. Click here to see Youtube video
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