Timber Stains


Water-based Stains









Polycure AquaPro Stains

Dont like the colour of your floor? Or are you a professional that is cautious when using stains? Then AquaPro stains is definitely the answer for you. Polycure AquaPro's range of stains are without a doubt the easiest staining system on the market. Use a roller, brush, applicator, whichever you prefer, and you are sure to get that great colour that you are after. There is so many stains out there on the market that are almost impossible to use and we guarantee that this will be the easiest stain you have ever used. The colours available are endless so make sure you check it out today. Image is an indications of colours available. Testing the colour on your particular colour is recommended prior to commencing.

Solvent-Based Stains and Tints

Polycure Durastains

Just like the AquaPro water-based stains, Durastain provides you with an easy solution to achieve that custom colour you are after. with some slight modifications, Durastain has been designed for use with solvent based coatings. This can either be applied directly to the timber or even used to add into the coating as a slight 'tint' to the timber floor. By doing this it also won't separate from the coating like other brands. Again, this can be applied just like a normal coating and either rolled on, brushed on or even with the use of an applicator. Below is an example of some of the colours you can achieve!









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