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healthkicks_fixesINDASA was established in 1979, and is world renowned for their range of Abrasives. Manufactured in Portugal, Idasa Contains the full range of abrasives needed for the timber flooring industry.
For more information visit: www.indasa.pt


hermiesNEWFounded in 1927, Hermes have been supplying high quality floor sanding abrasives to the timber flooring industry for many years now. Their 
range also includes the ever so popular Zirconia range of belts. Competitivly priced, and manufactured in Germany, Hermes are a brand to be tried for your next floor sanding project. 
For more information visit: http://www.hermes-abrasives.com/


norton_logoSince 1885, Norton Have been Manufacturing  high quality Abrasives for the timber flooring industry. Their Range
includes Belts, Screenbacks, Edger Discs and Sandpaper discs. 
For more information visit:     www.nortonabrasives.com


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