Sika opened its doors in 1976 and is today one of the leading brands in timber flooring adhesive. Sika T55J and T54J (environmentally friendly) can be used for all types of timber applications including bamboo and can be used with some products for direct stick application to tiles. Sika is available in drums and sausages.Both T-55J and T-54J can also be used to direct stick to tiles!

 Sika Products that we stock:

  • SikaBond Construction Cartridge – general adhesive
  • SikaBond Construction Fast – fast cure water-based
  • Sika Super Grip 30 Min - fully cured high strength in 30 minutes
  • SikaSil C Silicone – mould resistantsika-main
  • Sika Dur – Great for filling cracks in concrete slabs.
  • Sika AnchorFix 1 & 3 – Rod fixing & gaps in concrete.
  • SikaFlex 11FC – polyurethane adhesive/ sealant.
  • SikaBond T-55J ( Sika T-55 (J) )– timber flooring adhesive
  • SikaBond T-54J ( Sika T-54 (J) ) - environmentally friendly adhesive
  • SikaBond T53 – timber flooring adhesive with acoustic properties
  • Sika Primer MB – 2 part moisture barrier
  • Sika Primer MR Fast - 2 part moisture barrier (quick drying and not harmful)
  • Sika Level 25 – High strength levelling compound, level 1 - 15mm.
  • Sika Primer – Primer for additional adhesion (for level 25)
  • Sika Acoustic Matt - Acoustic underlay for noise barrier
  • Sika AcouBond - Acoustic underlay for noise barrier
  • Sika Sausage Gun - Heavy duty sausage gun
  • Sika Battery Powered Sausage Gun - Battery powered Sausage gun
  • Sika trowel – V notch adhesive trowel


zakkenSoudal are the creators of the well known SMX-30P adhesive. This flexible adhesive is very easy to use and does not contain any solvents or isocyanates, making it environmentally friendly and harmless to the user. One of the biggest advantages of SMX-30P is that with the use of this product, fully troweled, you will not need to put down a moisture barrier. Unlike other products, this will save you a lot of extra money and provide you with a stress free solution. This great adhesive can be used on all types of timber and also approved for use on bamboo products! SMX-30P can even be used on slabs that have under floor heating! Available in both drums and sausages, this product ticks all of the boxes for an adhesive that will provide you many years of stable flooring!

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mapei mapeipic

  Mapei was first opened in 1937 manufacturing high quality adhesives for the construction industry. Mapei P990 Ultrabond is a solvent-free, one-component, moisture-curing urethane adhesive specifically designed for easy application and high-performance. Use to install the full range of timber flooring products. Available in drums and sausages.

Mapei Products that we stock:

Mapei P990 Drums/ Sausages


bostikSince 1889, Bostik has been manufacturing some of the best timber flooring adhebostik-0sives on todays market. Bostik Ultraset or Bostik Overlay is a one-part, trowel-applied, moisture-cure, urethane adhesive. Once cured, its superior elastomeric properties provide a tough, flexible, tenacious bond to a variety of surfaces. The elastomeric characteristics of Bostik allows the adhesive to move with wood as it expands and contracts. This scientifically-formulated adhesive is not affected by exposure to moisture or water. Bostik is also available in drums or sausages.

Bostik products that we stock:

Bostik Ultraset
Bostik Overlay
Bostik Moisture Cure

 Selleys Direct Stick is a high strength timber adhesive. Direct Stick is a semi-rigid adhesive that will help reduce cupping and rafting and contains a foaming paste to fill gaps and reduce hollow spots. Direct stick can be used for almost any timber flooring application. Also available is the Sselleysliquidnailsdirectstickelleys Flexistik. Flexistik is a one part flexible polyurethene adhesive suitable for all types of timber flooring including Bamboo. This very strong product retains peaks and is very easy to use. Both Direct Stick and Flexistik are available in drums and sausages. We also stock a full range Selleys Liquid Nails for those smaller applications

Selleys Products that we stock:

  • Selleys Direct Stick
  • Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength
  • Selleys Liquid Nails Fast
  • Selleys Flexistik - NEW
  • Selleys VBS Vapour Barrier
  • Selleys V-notch trowel
  • Selleys Sausage Gun
  • Selleys No more gaps

GS500 SAFgreen-star-0E GRIP

The long wait is over! Finally we have found an adhesive that is environmentally friendly and just as strong as other polyur ethane adhesives. GS50rla0 Safe Grip is a non toxic, Green Star Compliant adhesive. GS500 provides you with a very strong and rapid curing adhesive that is easy to apply and not harmful to you or others around you!

GS500 is available in drums and sausages.

Isocyanate Free  |  Solvent Free  |  Green star Compliant  |  Non Toxic  |  Single Part (ready to apply!)  |   Rapid Cure  |  Very High Strength


 dsc04701Grasp Parquetry Adhesive is a strong waterbased flexible adhesive specifically formulated for timber flooring. Being a waterbased adhesive, any spillages can be cleaned up easily with a wet rag. Available in drums in either yellow or brown to match with timber type.




  • Also available at Marques Flooring - Cork contact and primer for the installation of cork flooring.


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