Unika Installation Tools


Unika brings to you high quality UK made installation tools and accessories. All in store and yes we can freight them around Australia!






Unika Tapping Block

For assisting in tapping boards into place. Can be used with laminate, timber or bamboo flooring. Can also be hit directly to assist in locking the boards into place.





Pulling Bar

This handy tool allows you to position it over the end rows of the flooring when it is close to a wall or cabinet and gives you the ability to hit the tool and 'pull' the last board into place. This avoids the risk of hitting the wall when there is not enough space to fit a tapping block or hit the edge of the flooring.





Timber Floor installation kit

This handy kit combines both the pulling bar and tapping block all in the one handy kit. Also included in this pack are wall spacers and a spatula all at the one low price. Ideal for DIY or professionals.





Floor strap/ floor clamp

A very sought after tool is the floor strap. This ratchet clamp allows you to clamp over one end of the floor and clamp the flooring up tight until the glue sets or additional flooring is installed. Having a few of these in your tool kit makes any job a lot easier!





Laminate Installation Kit

Like the timber flooring installation kit, this also includes a pulling bar, tapping block, wedges and a spatula specifically made for laminate floors!






floor-spacersFloor spacers

Yes we also sell the floor spacers separately! These are used to maintain the expansion gap around the perimeter of the flooring during installation which are then removed on completion. Being in a wedge shape it allows you to create set spaces of all thicknesses.



floor-feltFloor Protection Pack

This is essential for all new floors. Once the flooring is finished, make sure you put the correct floor protectors under all furniture items to minimize the risk of your new floor being marked and scratched! Many different sizes make this pack the easy option. Click here to view the full page on maintenance and protection.



Jig Saw Blades

Also made by Unika, these Jigsaw blades fit almost all brands of jigsaw machines and provide you with a high quality alternative at a lower cost! Available in a pack of 5.