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Festool was founded in 1925 in South Germany and since then have always been one step ahead of the rest. Still today, Festool's  amazing range of expert tools are made in Germany to the highest of standards. Their extensive efforts have lead to many technological breakthroughs like the world's first portable chainsaw, orbital sander, circular saw with guide rail, random orbital and the world's shortest portable drill. Festool would be responsible for the innovation of most of the tools in your collection!
Marques Flooring have access to the full range of products and accessories that Festool has to offer. Below are the most commonly stocked items: 


150mm Orbital Sander  (also available in 125mm)  fixed-small
These amazing orbital sanders are quiet and very powerful. Each machine has perfect ergonomics, Stepless speed adjustment and a secure sanding pad break for more comfort when working for long periods. The 150mm Festool Orbital Sander that is suited for the flooring industry boasts an effective 5mm sanding stroke as well as the very effective Multi-Jetstream dust extraction system that can be hooked up to the Cleantex Vacuum System. This lightweight 1.8kg machine has an eccentric motion speed of up to 10,000 RPM! Like all of the other machines in their range, the 150mm Festool Orbital sander also has the easy click in, click out plug system for quick change over of machines. Each Festool Orbital Sander is sold with their easy to handle Systainer Cases and a base plate. 
All accessories, including base plates and sand papers are also available.
  • Stepless Speed Adjustment
  • Powerful, up to 10000 RPM
  • 5mm Sanding Stroke
  • Different Sanding heads available
  • Lightweight 1.8kg machine
  • Multi-Jetstream dust extraction
  • 150mm base plate
  • Includes handy Systainer Case
  • Click in/ Click out Plug System 



The Festool ETS EC 150/5 Eccentric Sander is the ideal sander for intermediate and coarse sanding. Its compact and lightweight design the make all day work tireless. With EC-TEC brushless motor, the tool uses power more efficiently and requires less maintenance. A softgrip surface enables you to sand horizontal, vertical or overhead without exerting excess force. Vibration and extraction detection provides maximum safety. Used optimally with Festool Multi-Jetstream pads and abrasives, and a Festool Dust Extractor, the perfect, dust-free finish is guaranteed with every job. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.





150mm Rotex Sander - 3 in 1 machine  rotex-150
The amazing Rotex sander is a 3 in 1 machine. This lightweight 2.3kg machine is a coarse sander, fine sander and polisher all in one. Comprising of 2 modes at the flick of a button, the Rotex can be switched to a heavy duty sanding mode which is so powerful you could pretty much stand on the machine and it wont stop! The other mode is slower and more precise mode for fine sanding and polishing. There are also different sanding heads available for different applications including hard, soft and super soft. Once again this machine boasts the Multi-Jetstream dust extraction system that can be connected up to the Cleantex Vacuum System. The Rotex removes up to 3 x more materials than conventional orbital sanders thanks to the powerful motor and combination of eccentric and rotary motors. This machine is long life due to the heavy-duty eccentric shaft bearings, double sealed gear box and dust free switch. The Rotex also includes the easy click in, click out plug system for quick change over of machines. Includes a Systainer case for easy storage and transport. 
  • 3 in 1, Course sanding, fine sanding and polishing.
  • Lightweight 2.3kg
  • Extremely powerful
  • 2 x sanding modes
  • Multi-Jetstream Dust extraction
  • Includes Systainer Case
  • Different Heads available
  • 3x more efficient than other brands
  • Click in/ Click out Plug System 



90mm Rotex Sander - 4 in 1 machine! ro-90-small
Just like the 150mm Rotex sander, this 90mm sander is an amazing 4 in 1 machine. As well as a coarse sander, fine sander and polisher, this machine also has an interchangeable head and mode for sanding of corners and tight spaces. Weighing even less at 1.5kg this is an essential machine for anyone who is a professional sander in any industry. The 90mm Rotex sander has all the same great features as the above 150mm including a powerful motor, heavy-duty eccentric shaft bearings, double sealed gear box and dust free switch as well as the efficient Multi-Jetstream dust extraction system that can be connected up to the Cleantex Vacuum System and the easy click in, click out plug system for quick changing between machines. The 90mm Rotex sander also comes in a Systainer case for easy transport and storage.
All Accessories available for this machine and others in the Festool range 
  • 4 in 1 machine, Course Sanding, Fine Sanding, Polishing and Corner Sanding
  • Very lightweight 1.5kg
  • Heavy-Duty Eccentric Shaft Bearings 
  • Essential for all sanders
  • Great for use on stairs
  • Multi-Jetstream Dust Extraction
  • Includes Systainer Case
  • Different heads available
  • Click in/ Click out system 





Circular Saw/ Plunge Saw TS 55 circular-saw-plunge-saw
The Festool Plunge Saw is designed for ease of use and precision cutting. With a simple adjustable depth guide the TS55 is able to cut up to depths of up to 55mm at both 90 degree angle as well as 45 degree angle. This powerful saw comes with a 1.4m guide rail as well as the handy Systainer case and 1 x saw blade. To cover a wide range of applications the guide rails are available in different sizes from 900mm right through to 5m in length. The professionally designed Festool Plunge Saw is able to make cuts very close to walls, coming in handy for many different tasks. Like other machines in the range, the Festool Plunge Saw can also be attached to the Cleantex Dust extraction system and also has the same click in, click out changeable plug system. For your safety, the Festool Plunge Saw has a Quick-acting brake system and protector as well as a quick and easy blade changing system. No tools are required to adjust the guidance of the saw giving you accurate cuts right down to the millimeter. You can even adjust the speed for more control over the cut and reduced heating of the materials being cut.
All Accessories available for this machine and others in the Festool range 
  • Able to cut 55mm deep
  • Precision Cutting
  • Accurate Depth Control
  • 90 degree and 45 degree cuts
  • Includes 1.4m Guide Rail, Blade and Systainer Case
  • Different sized tracks available
  • Doorway cuts
  • Tool less Zero play adjustment to guide track
  • Variable Speed
  • Click in/ Click out Plug System
  • Can be hooked up to Cleantex Dust Extraction Vacuum 




Cleantex CT 36 cleantex-CT36
To complete your Festool set up, or just as separate vacuum, the Cleantex is for you. This 36L vacuum features the reliable Hepa filter ensuring maximum dust extraction right down to the tiniest of particles. The Cleantex also features an automatic start/stop plug where you can plug your machine such as a Rotex 150mm straight into the vacuum. As soon as you start the sander, the vacuum automatically switches on then switches off again once finished automatically. The Cleantex's power can also be adjusted for more power or less power depending on what is required. In addition to dust extraction you can also use the Cleantex vacuum as a liquid vacuum, allowing you to clean up a wet concrete slab for example. Any Festool machine can be hooked up to the Cleantex vacuum as well as stacking and storing your other Systainer cases to the top of the system (as pictured). Vacuum bags are easily replaced and with 3900L suction power per minute and anti-static hose you are sure to get any job done!
All Accessories available for this machine and others in the Festool range 
  • Large 36L capacity
  • 3900L suction per minute
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • Automatic Start and Stop System
  • Hepa Filter
  • Replaceable Bags
  • Anti-static hose
  • Systainers Stackable on top of vacuum
  • Hook any Festool machine up to it. 



Full range of Festool products also available!
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