1. Floor Mats & Furniture Felt

To prevent scratching and scuffing of your floor, place furniture pads on the bottom of all heavy items and objects that are moved frequently, eg chairs and tables. Shoes carry sand, grit and small stones, which will abrade the floor surface in the same way that sandpaper does. Place mats at entrances and where possible place a mat on the inside as well as the outside. Use runners and rugs in high traffice area's.
**Furniture Felt available from Marques Flooring**

2. Direct Sunlight

Like any other quality furnishing or floor covering in your home, direct sunlight will cause discolouring over time. To avoid fading and discolouring, filter direct light with curtains or blinds. Remember that area's of floor covered with rugs etc will retain their original colour. Therefore once rugs are removed, or their position changed, variations in colour will be visible, but this variation will fade over time.

3. Cleaning

Frequency of cleaning depends on traffic levels. 
Daily/ Weekly:
Use an anti-static mop to collect dust or dirt on a regular basis.
dsc03488m Weekly/ Monthly: 
Use a capful of specialised floor cleaner per half a bucket of warm water, then clean well with a   well wrung out stringy mop.
Using products from a complete cleaning kit - spray the solution onto the specialised mop head and mop evenly over the     floor.
--> FAQ: Can i just use methylated spirits and water to clean my floor?
--> Answer: Methylated spirits tends to be quite strong and can be to harsh for the floor over time and can dull down the flooring. Also water and methylated spirits tends to leave a streaky finish to the floor. The recommeded cleaning products both help give it a nice finish and keep its shine!
** All cleaner and mops available at Marques Flooring ** 

4. Repairs to flooring

scratchpensMinor repairs or surface scratches use our range of scratch fix pens. Scratch  Fix pens are your easy solution to repairing scratches in the timber flooring. Scratch fix is an oil based pen that easily disguises scratches can be used on all types of flooring, including furniture!  Simply pick from the 5 colours available and apply and wipe away until satisfactory. Essential for all owner of a timber floor and regular installers.
tibet-almond-stick-0The Tibet Almond Stick is another perfect solution for repairing of any timber surfaces, indluding furniture. Just one of these sticks will provide repairs for many many years to a range of products.
The Tibet Almond Stick is a tightly rolled cotton stick, soaked in a secret family formula.
It is used to efface surface scratches from wood surfaces.
It comes in only one size and is colorless when rubbed on a scratch.
If it is kept covered when not in use, it should last for years!
The Tibet Almond Stick is very simple to use. Just open up the can, and remove the stick.
Unwrap the blue wrapper and rub either end on the scratch. The scratch will disappear “Quick As A Wink.”
There is no need to peel the label, or cut the stick.
The liquid will continue to flow to the end of the stick until it is gone.

Quick-Step Flooring Repair Kit

quick-step-repair-kitA MUST for everyone! This repair kit includes a hot knife (batteries not included), wax sticks, and a series of scrapers. This repair kit is suitable for making repairs to all types of flooring including pre-finished timber, laminate, bamboo, parquetry, solid timber and more!

This kit is sure to save you money if you accidently damage your floor and is a much cheaper option that re-sanding or replacing boards!


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