Why Choose Readyflor?

SRT Nano top layer

Readyflor is coated with six coats of SRT Nano, an incredibly scratch resistant UV lacquer coating.

As Thick As Solid Floorboards

Looking at a Readyflor board side-on, it may be reasonable to assume that the nominal 4mm top layer would not provide the same life as that of a solid 19mm (3/4″) floorboard. This assumption is however completely incorrect! Let’s look more closely.

typical-trad-floorboard1The diagram illustrates the three sections of a traditional T & G 19mm solid floorboard. The 6mm top section (above the tongue and groove), the 6mm tongue and groove section and the 7mm bottom section (below the tongue and groove).This means that an average 19mm traditional floorboard has a “wear layer/top section” or sandable surface (timber above the tongue and groove) of approximately 6mm. Obviously, to make this floorboard into a floorcovering we must sand it flat, taking approximately 1.5mm off the top before commencing the coating process. It is also quite obvious that if we continue to sand a traditional floorboard until we get to about 1mm from the tongue and groove section, that the floor will crack along the face as it gets too thin. Therefore, if we subtract the 1.5mm (for the initial sanding) and the 1mm (that must be left for the boards structural strength) from the 6mm of sandable surface that we started with, we have 3.5mm of sandable surface or wear layer left on a traditional 19mm floorboard .

Readyflor is manufactured with a nominal 4mm hardwood top layer meaning that it has as much or more re-sandable surface than a traditional floorboard. As it is pre-finished, it needs no initial sanding and the tongue and groove section is profiled in the core of the product leaving the entire top layer completely sandable!

Less Nested Lengths

A lot of timber floor manufacturers combine small wood pieces into one plank in order to use as much ‘waste’ as possible. These full size planks thus consist of several (two or more) smaller pieces, which reduces the appeal of the total installed floor. Readyflor has less nested lengths than any other brand in the market due to better manufacturing processes and clever recycling methods. Therefore, Readyflor offers you the most beautiful timber floor available: no unpleasant surprises during unboxing.

Environmentally Friendly

We at Premium Floors are committed to keeping Readyflor as environmentally friendly as possible. In fact, Readyflor′s core, accounting for over 60% of the total thickness of our product, is one of the most environmentally friendly timbers in the world! Readyflor has achieved the Green Building Council of Australia “Green Star”. This puts Readyflor in the lowest category for emissions.

Hevea brassiliensis (otherwise known as rubberwood) is a plantation timber specifically grown throughout Asia for the production of latex (rubber). After their cycle of latex production had ceased, these rubberwood plantations were traditionally cleared and burned to make way for new plantations. Using this incredibly stable hardwood as the core of Readyflor not only significantly reduces the amount of quality hardwood being burned but also ensures that small plantation owners maximise crop profits by selling their timber at the end of its productive life.

Fast and Easy installation without Delay

Uniclic joining system

Uniclic is the patented profile that is machined along all four sides of most of our Readyflor range of timber flooring to allow installation without glue. The ingenious Uniclic system, invented by the manufacturers of Quick Step Laminate Flooring has a specially shaped tongue and groove that simply clicks together during installation, providing gap-free joins without the mess and time delays associated with installing the old glue together timber floors. Of all the glueless installation systems, Uniclic is well renowned as the world’s best!

Installed In One Day

Depending on the size and shape of the area to be installed, Readyflor can often be completely installed in one day. Having a hardwood core means that Readyflor can be installed by knocking boards together using a steel hammer directly on the tongue (without a tapping block). This provides for a faster and cleaner installation. Also, as Readyflor is pre-finished with six coats of hardwearing UV lacquer, there is no need to leave your home while dusty and often smelly sanding and polishing is carried out. Once your floor has been installed, you’re free to start living!

In most cases a home handyman can install approximately 25m² of Readyflor per day in a standard area. Professional installers average approximately 40 – 50m² per day in an average area.

While most Readyflor is installed by professional floating floor installers, Readyflor is also easily installed by the competent do-it-yourselfer. Readyflor can be installed over any level, solid and dry surface. Installation Instructions can be found on this website or can be collected from any Readyflor Retailer.

No acclimatisation needed, no delay

Unlike solid timber flooring that needs to sit in the installation area for up to three weeks prior to installation, Readyflor can be laid straight from the pack immediately in any installation. The engineered and precise preparation of Readyflor’s components prior to and during the manufacturing process ensure that Readyflor needs no pre-installation acclimatisation. Simply take the packs into the installation area and install them immediately, saving time, inconvenience and in some cases money!

No sanding and coating required

Because of the pre-finished, scratch-resistant top layer, no sanding and coating is required at installation: quick and clean!

Easy To Maintain

Like many timber flooring options, Readyflor is easy to maintain. What’s more, being a hard surface, dust mites and bacteria find it very difficult to survive the occasional mop and broom! The best thing about timber floors like Readyflor though is the fact that, with a small amount of maintenance, you can have a floor that looks great for many, many years!

Real Warranties

Readyflor is sold with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. This warranty covers delamination, twisting and other forms of structural deformation. Unlike most other warranties, our warranty terms and conditions are simple. More information on the Readyflor warranty can be found in the Warranty section.

Dimensionally Stable

Engineered construction

Readyflor’s engineered “cross ply” construction makes it up to 15 times more stable than a solid timber floor.

Mother Nature dictates that timber moves (shrinks and expands) approximately 10 parts across the grain to 1 part in the length of the grain. A good example of this is found when looking at any old solid traditional floorboard installation. The gaps are always across the narrow width of the board and not at the ends of the long lengths.

In saying this, you will notice that the three engineered layers of each Readyflor board are manufactured in opposing grain directions. The grain of the hardwood top layer of Readyflor runs north-south along the board, the grain of the hardwood core runs east-west and the grain of the bottom layer runs north-south in the same direction as the top. In simple terms, the movement of the different layers of the board are contradicted by each other thus significantly improving Readyflor’s dimensional stability. This in turn reduces shrinkage and expansion of the product after installation, meaning less gaps in your floor long term.

Hardwood Core

The fact that Readyflor is manufactured using a hardwood core, as opposed to a softwood core, affords the product many advantages. The Readyflor core is made of Hevea, one of the world’s more stable hardwood species. This means that shrinkage and expansion of Readyflor is limited by the stability of its core. In fact experience has shown that Readyflor will shrink or expand up to 15 times less than a traditional sold timber floor.

Better Indentation Resistance

Using a hardwood, not a softwood core, improves Readyflor’s overall impact and indentation resistance.

Like most of our customers, we see Readyflor as a floor for life! Making up over 60% of the product thickness, the core is essential to the long term results provided by any floating floor! By using hevea, we ensure that we don’t compromise product quality, our environmental policy & objectives or the long term performance of Readyflor. Another reason why Readyflor is Australia’s favorite floating timber floor!

Possibility to install Over A Moist or Heated Concrete Subfloor

Unlike other timber floors, Readyflor can be installed over a moist subfloor. As Readyflor is a floating floor, and therefore not directly adhered to the subfloor, simply putting taped plastic sheeting under the foam underlay or Combi-Lay will prevent subfloor moisture from affecting your lovely timber floor. Please refer to the section entitled “Installation over Moist Subfloors” in the Installation and Repairs Section, or click the link below, for further information.